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Brewfest Beer

Project type

Logo design


January 2023


Dayton, OH

Brewfest Beer is a company that manufactures home brew kits for at-home brewmasters. The client requested a logo that was traditional, "homely" and inviting. The wanted the design to relate to beer but not in a literal way; their preference was to avoid graphics of beer and/or images that included "liquid splashes" of beer.

With the client's requirements in mind, I thought it would be suitable to produce a graphic of a old-style, wooden barrel. The wooden barrel provided gives an instant feeling that is traditional and it is easily connected to the brewing process of beer.

I chose to keep the overall design very clean and simple. I also made a intentional decision not to wrap the metal bands all the way around the barrel - I wanted to give the barrel a subtle touch that would make it unique but recognizable.

Logo applications:
Client website, product packaging, print collateral and metal cutout signage

Client color palette:
The client wanted to use shades of red or maybe yellow but they did not seem tied to a strict color palette. So, it seemed like a natural choice to use brown because it combines reds and yellows. Also, the shades of brown that I applied to this logo were soft and neutral so it gave me an opportunity to create a strong contrast with the metal bands.

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