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Fairway Fertilizer

Project type

Logo design


January 2023


Dayton, OH

Fairway fertilizer is a golf green growing company (green is a very specific type of grass used on golf courses). They had a three part request: 1) they wanted a practical logo with a vintage shape, 2) a logo with a modern twist, and 3) a logo that will stand the test of time.

As I began my creative process, I researched a couple of their competitors' logos and noticed that many were simple, typographic logos. I decided that adding a nice, simple graphic would help separate them from their competitors and I could meet one of their requirements by incorporating a "vintage shape". It was also important to create a shape that could hold the lettering in a balanced, cohesive manner.

Logo applications:
Fertilizer packaging, company equipment branding, and client website

Client color palette:
The client requested the use of two colors: orange and green.
NOTE: Utilizing the client's preferred colors is always a good thing to do, unless of course the client requests combinations that are too busy. One of the advantages of this client's choice of orange and green is that they are almost directly opposite (complementary) color on a color wheel so they work very well together.

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