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Project type

Logo design


January 2023


Dayton, OH

Fire Fonts is a font finder website which allows visitors to download and use any of the fonts on site. Fire Fonts is similar to the highly-recognized font finder, Dafont. They wanted a logo that would help them differentiate their brand from competitors, without being too flamboyant, modern or sharp.

My approach to this logo design was to "keep it simple" and apply a literal interpretation of the brand. I experimented by stylizing the "Fs"; I created versions that were dramatic and displayed strong contrast between the "F" and the rest of the letter. Ultimately, I settled on a more subtle style and downplayed the "Fs" as the focal point of the logo.

I took inspiration from two logos I had previously created (both can be viewed in my portfolio; Square Meal Games and Proplot). It was important to the client that the logo have a modern and sharp look to it so rather than using squares (as seen in the Square Meal Games and Proplot logos), I chose to use triangular shapes and I was intentional with the color choices and shading so as to create depth.

Logo applications:
The client specified that the applications for this logo would be digital and the primary placement would be on their website. The client also considered a variation of the logo that they would use for a watermark.

Client color palette:
The client did not have color preferences so I was excited to have creative authority to select colors that I believed would represent the brand the best; I used shades of red and yellow to make the fire look angular and sharp.

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