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Project type

Logo design


January 2023


Dayton, OH

Goinstall is an update management software company who was looking for a serious, modern and clean logo. Goinstall suggested the Hulu and Acer logos as inspiration and explained that they liked the balance of both.

I decided that the best way to create a serious but unique look was to develop a custom typography. I wanted the logo to be strong and I wanted it to stand out so I added a background to the typography and some design embellishments to the corners to add a little something extra.

Logo applications:
Client website and email marketing

Client color palette:
The client did not have a strict color palette so I was free to experiment. Although the Goinstall brand is one word, I wanted to play around with contrast to emphasis and separate the word "go" from the rest of the brand name. I was happy with the end result because I believe it made the brand easier to read and the emphasis on "go" provided a little symbolism as well.

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