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Tanto's Tacos

Project Type

Logo design


April 2023

Tanto's Tacos is a fast food restaurant that was looking for a new logo that felt inviting. The client was struggling to translate exactly what they were envisioning; they knew they wanted to use specific colors and they knew they did not want to use any imagery that was a literal representation of food but outside of that, the client passed the creative torch to me.

As a side note, when it comes to projects like this one - it is exactly why I do what I do; I believe we all have a creative side, and my skill is helping people take the idea in their mind and bring it to life. Creativity can be a unique journey with every client and I love being a part of the process.

The client wanted to use red, green, blue, and white and they wanted to make sure there was no black in the logo. They also explained that they would be using this logo in a wide variety of applications including large format, small print, traditional and digital. With all of that in mind, I concluded that it was best to design a simple logo without taking too many liberties. I played around the the "T's" much like I did with "Fire Fonts" and developed a fun and balanced design that met my client's requirements.

Logo applications:
Client website, menus, signage, apparel, print marketing and digital marketing.

Client color palette:
Logo must include the use of red, blue, green and white and must not include any black.

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