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Project Type

Logo design


April 2023

Paricycle is a bike rental company that focuses on tourist transportation. The client stated that they wanted a "modern and vintage" logo.

At first, this seemed like quite a challenge because modern and vintage seemed like opposite themes, however the final product was a perfect blend of both.

The client referenced the Vouge logo because they loved the simplicity, however they wanted to incorporate a bicycle tire. I decided the best way to combine modern and vintage was to anchor the design around an "old-school" pinwheel to mimic a bicycle tire and use the text to bring in a modern feel. I gave the typography a fun calligraphy style and added a background for contrast and separation from the pinwheel.

Logo applications:
Merchandise and client website

Client color palette:
I recommended that the client stick with a simple black and white logo because I felt like it was the best way to characterize everything they were looking for: modern, professional and vintage.

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